Batteries designed to suit any demands.

Choosing the wrong battery for your site can cost you dearly. NorthStar has the ideal battery for your needs.

We provide our global customers with the most reliable energy backup solutions, while at the same time cutting their operating cost and carbon footprint, with a short payback time。

  • We ensure our customers have the lowest environmental impact
  • Our premium AGM thin plate batteries can deliver 2X storage life, 10% more power and 30% longer life in harsh conditions
  • Our unique expertize can protect customers from 85% of battery failure risks
  • We help customers to cut their costs by 80% in harsh environments
  • Our high efficiency hybrid battery solutions can reduce fuel usage by 70% in off grid sites

NorthStar Battery (NSB) manufactures four families of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, each with its own technology and attributes that makes it particularly suited for the rigors imposed on batteries in a specific application. This document will help you select the most appropriate battery family for your application.

NSB BLUE+ Battery®

The NSB BLUE+ battery uses our thin plate lead carbon (TPLC) technology that has been optimized for fast recharge and partial state of charge (PSOC) applications. It can be recharged from 50% state of charge (SOC) to full charge in as little as 3 hours. The design life of the BLUE+ battery is 12+ years. This is the preferred battery for high cycle life.

NSB HT RED Battery®

The NSB HT RED battery employs our pure lead – high temperature (TPPL-HT) technology, and is designed to provide superior life (7 years) and performance at an operating temperature of 40⁰C (104⁰F), regardless of the quality of the electric grid。  This is the battery you want for high temperature applications。

NSB RED Battery®

If high temperature is not an issue but you want long life in the 20⁰-35⁰C (68⁰-95⁰F) range regardless of the electric grid quality, the NSB Red battery using our pure lead – long life (TPPL) technology is an ideal choice. The battery has a recharge time of 6 hours from 50% SOC to full charge.

NSB UPS Battery®

If you need superior performance at high discharge rates (<15 minutes) the NSB UPS battery with our pure lead – high rate (TPPL-HR) technology is the right choice. It can be charged from 50% SOC to 100% SOC in just over 4 hours and has a design life of 3.8 years at 40⁰C (104⁰F), a feature that data center operators will appreciate.


NSB OPzV Battery®

NorthStar OPzV Batteries are safer for the environment, safer to use and can be recharged much faster in comparison to flooded lead-acid batteries. OPzV batteries have no water levels to check or terminals to clean, minimizing risks of dangerous acid spills, and can be installed in any position. 

Extend battery life and cut energy use.

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures。 Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery。 This drives up replacement costs and severely increases environment impact。

SiteStar® cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution, to keep your batteries at optimal operating temperature using the energy equivalent to a single light bulb.

This means SiteStar® cabinets offer up to 95% power savings compared to standard air-conditioned cabinets.

Find out more about our site solutions.

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